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TDP’s Top Tips for Boosting Engagement and Reducing Unsubscribes. 

Boosting engagement and reducing unsubscribes are some of the main goals when it comes to email marketing. Companies work hard to get a good customer database and invest a lot of time and money on their email campaigns and interactions with their audience – so naturally why would you want to see any of your hard-earned contact unsubscribe! Keeping subscribers engaged is vital. Making sure you’re creating a consistent message helps you maintain and grow your business and customer base.

Why do people Unsubscribe?

This is a golden question? Especially when seemingly these customers have been happy with the emails they’ve been receiving up until now – so what’s changed? As a recent study conducted by the DMA unearthed most consumers (57%) unsubscribe because of the number of emails they are receiving – with 2-3 emails weekly considered as to many. The study also revealed that 25% of Millennials and Gen Z are unsubscribing to newsletters because of the cost-of-living crisis with the aim to resist temptation! – meaning for certain demographics its even more of a challenge to stay in the customer inbox and keep them engaged.

What’s even worse that an unsubscribe!

Even though the idea of an unsubscribe is every email marketer’s worse nightmare – there is something scarier! A user registering a spam complaint – although not very pleasant an unsubscribe is seen as neutral behaviour while a spam complaint is definitely a black mark again your company and can even affect your email deliverability in the future. This is why it’s so important to make sure the unsubscribe process is simple, clearly visible and quick – as a unsubscribe may just be a farewell with a chance to rekindle your relationship at a later date – as long as you part on good terms!


Tops Tips to reduce unsubscribes and boost engagement:

  1. Clean it up! Maintain a squeaky-clean Data list.

A clean data-list make sure you’re not spamming customers who no longer want to hear about your company – getting rid of repeat records, incorrect address all helps cut down on the bounce rate and unsubscribes. A double opt-in process helps ensure your just contacting an audience who is engaged with your brand. Regardless of how amazing your emails are – if the customer’s wishes and consent is not respect throughout your contact then your customer won’t listen as they are not being listen to themselves.

  1. Personalised and Segmented Emails

Not all customers are alike! Personalising emails with even the customer’s name can go a long way. Tailoring the content to what the audience wants to see, emails based on preferences and customer behaviours will help show them you are listening to what they want. In short – segmented and personalised content resonates with the audience and shows you care about them and what they are interested in rather than what you think they want.

  1. An Easy unsubscribe.

It sounds crazy but it’s key to email marketing success! I all honesty if a customer doesn’t want to receive your emails anymore it’s just a part of the process – not every lead will turn into a purchase and not every purchase/subscribe will turn into a long-term repeat customer. It’s better to have a unsubscribe from a customer leaving on good terms than an unhappy client or spam complaint. Customers make their own decisions, so let’s respect their choices and make unsubscribing as easy as possible for both parties’ sakes. An exit survey is also a great way to understand why this customer is unsubscribing giving vital insights which will help you improve for the future!

  1. Consistency is Key

Keeping your brand message consistent and frequent is key – but not too frequent! Like everything there isn’t one size that fits all customers or companies. Its important to trail out what your audience want (you could even ask them!) and strike the balance between too little communication so that the customer forgets they even subscribed to your emails and an email overdose which could lead to a frustrated audience and an unsubscribe or worse! Every audience is completely different, and different messages require as different approach.

  1. Make it Mobile Friendly

79% of people checking their emails are on their smartphone in 2023. Making sure your emails are mobile friendly and responsive is key to success – if the email doesn’t work on their phone, chances are they’ll delete the email or unsubscribe.  Having a mobile-responsive experience will help decrease the bounce rates and increases engagement.

What we can offer

Hopefully this gives you a few top tips on what can be actioned to help engagement and reduce those dreaded unsubscribes. Making sure your content is what the customer wants to see at the frequency they want to see it as well as a well-maintained data list is a great way to start to improve your metrics and increase conversion.

At TDP Agency we offer companies further help with bespoke sector specific data list, audits on companies current Databases and Creative and Marketing support to help you get the right message out to potential leads.

Follow the steps below and one of the team will be in touch to discuss what we can do for you to further your marketing efforts!