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About TDP Agency

As a full-service Data Marketing Agency based in Suffolk, with a national client base – we provide accurate and validated business & consumer marketing data for your brand to ensure your marketing campaigns are targeted and successful. With a collaborative & consultant-led approach, we aim to understand your business goals, so we can help you reach them.

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Founded in 2002, TDP Agency offer you a time-saving, pain-easing, all under one roof direct marketing shop.

TDP’s broad experience in direct marketing data and campaign execution provides targeted lists, built specifically with your ideal or typical customer in mind. Whether you need a telemarketing list, postal or email in either the B2C or B2B markets, we’ll be able to advise your best course of action. We can also take the headache out of designing the creative for a postal or email campaign, organising the print, fulfilment or broadcast, making us a true one stop shop for all your direct marketing needs.

Initially created upon discovering a gap in the market of reliable and consistent data providers, TDP has experienced huge organic growth since and the majority of our business originates from recommendation, which is a testament to our values of data integrity, accuracy & marketing innovation.

With experts in every marketing specialism – we can provide total accountability for your marketing campaign from planning to delivery whether you’re an SME or a multi-national business. Jump to our Services page for a full list of wares!

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Meet Our Awesome Team

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Victoria Pooley


Victoria Pooley  is the holy grail of knowledge in all aspects of data spanning nearly two decades now.

Victoria not only juggles sailing the TDP ship full time, but she also takes on the lifelong role of motherhood and wifehood/sainthood, whilst still managing to make the odd herbal wellness potions.



Lucy Douglas-Hughes

Head of Account Management

Lucy ensures that every client has a positive experience at TDP and feels loved by their Account Managers. Whenever you call TDP, you know when Lucy is on the line, as her bubbly but professional approach makes every call seems like a lottery win!

Lucy is super-efficient and super organised and her red cape billows behind her as she solves any problem presented to her, yes…she is that good.

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Ben Wilson

Head of IT and Production

Ben Wilson is our Head of IT & Production. Ben oversees the delivery of all TDP’s data outputs, the administration of the SQL databases and ensures that the over-promised delivery times, the sales team make, are met. 

He also builds algorithms to maximise productivity, reams of reports and streamlines internal systems. Ben is a god at TDP and like most God’s, most don’t believe he exists nor have a clue how he does it. 

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Chloe Smith

Finance Administrator

Chloe is the absolute power broker of our operation here at TDP, taking care of everything finance and admin. Chloe provides nothing short of microscopic attention to all things financial including, payments, invoicing, sales ledgers, compliance administration, and payroll.


Gaming Chair

Rebecca Melvin

Assistant Account Manager

Rebecca, our resident gaming aficionado and fur baby whisperer, is the Assistant Account Manager who keeps our TDP world spinning while she conquers virtual ones. When she’s not juggling client requests and saving the world from pixelated dragons, you’ll find her nestled comfortably in her gaming haven, surrounded by an arsenal of controllers and a vast collection of virtual trophies.

Keeping us all organised and on top of the Accounts admin, she’s always ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way, whether it’s conquering a To-Do list or saving the world from pixelated doom.


Emma Wilkins

Marketing Assistant

Emma’s wonderful creative mind ensures that our client’s campaigns are on-point, on-trend, unique and delivered to maximise reach, all whilst banging the TDP drum as loudly as possible.

Emma is an avid explorer and has clocked up more miles than most, taking creative inspiration from all she meets in far off lands.

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Our Values

As a company, we instill the following into our employees and processes.


TDP Agency is committed to being honest and transparent in all of their dealings with clients and partners. We value compliance and permission-led marketing, and strive to provide the best possible results for their clients.


TDP Agency is always looking for new and innovative ways to market their clients’ products and services. We are not afraid to think outside the box and to embrace new technologies.


TDP Agency values long-term relationships with their clients and partners. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, and develop customized marketing solutions to help them achieve those goals.