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With multiple property indicators, we can provide those who are in need of green measures, properties with solar panels and their current energy ratings.

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    Property Insight Data for Going Green!

    With the turbulent energy market and climate change concerns, demand for energy saving measures in the home has seen huge growth in recent months. If you’re in the home improvements or domestic energy space – wouldn’t information about your customers homes be incredibly useful to your sales and marketing efforts?

    Whether you’re running a direct mail, email, telemarketing or cross-channel campaign we have reams of insight to help you target those most in need of your services thereby helping the energy performance of your sales team!

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    TDP Agency has grown by providing our clients with multi-channel data. Creating targeted consumer lists of actual prospects for your business type by sector & channel. We guarantee your requirements are met and that your freshly picked marketing data objectives are tangible and real.

    We ensure our data is progressively profiled, current, accurate, compliant and at a price your can afford and grow from. Quality is guaranteed with TDP and the data is supplied in manageable volumes to suit your requirements. Time is short, you need to specifically target your marketing so you communicate only to prospects in industries that can benefit from your particular brand of business product. Even if you perceive your product is niche – in that it’s designed solely with a particular industry in mind, we can normally help.